Conferencing at Riviera on Vaal Hotel

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The RiverBlogger was privileged enough to join in at two recent conferences at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel. The first one being “The Other Michael Jackson’s” DVD launch in the Zorgvliet Conference Venue, and the other being dinner with Clover after their Social Media Conference, which was served in Matthews Restaurant. What an honour to be part of these two successes at Riviera on Vaal Hotel; only two of many.

Riviera on Vaal Hotel is surely one of South Africa’s hotels who knows how when it comes to conferencing. Not only do they consist of four well equipped conference venues, but they also host functions in their restaurants, Matthews and Inyama.

On the evening of Michael Jackson’s new motivational business DVD, it was rather cold next to the Vaal River. His speech was convincing and listeners had the opportunity to meet him outside on the veranda next to atmospheric fires and warm wine. Clearly the kitchen was geared up for a cold night and they had prepared the most delicious Glüwein. Not to mention the warm canapés: crumbed mushrooms, spring rolls, divine chocolate blocks and mouth watering truffles. And that was just canapés.

Clover visited the Riviera on Vaal in the month of June for their conference. They visit the hotel on a regular basis. Tables were decorated with all kinds of island style Tropica based cocktails around the room. With a buffet dinner that followed the fire throwing cocktail maker from New Zeeland’s show, the prospects were completely content. From the most delicious roll mops and mint seasoned sautéed mushrooms for an entree, to typical South African mains of grilled mutton, chicken and mealies, and decadent desserts, coupled with wines from Zorgvliet Wine Estate. According to quite a few Clover employees, the Riviera on Vaal Hotel is one of their favourite conference venues. They seem to enjoy the fact that it is out of Johannesburg, yet so close. The Vaal River on their front porch just adds to the ambiance. “We come to the Riviera on Vaal for our quarterly management break away workshops and it is always a great experience,” says Clover’s Milk Procurement Manager, Mr. Tobie de Villiers. “Our CEO is very fond of the hotel and he always says if they can’t keep up with Clover’s expectations, they better make a plan, as Clover isn’t going anywhere else.”

Considering a conference or business function in the near future? Why not make yours another one of Riviera on Vaal’s successes?


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