Riviera on Vaal Hotel: Break(fast)ing Dawn

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Could it be the “Breaking Dawn” for Riviera on Vaal’s blog too? It sure is, as this is our first post for blogonvaal. “About time,” you might add. Well, as the RiverBlogger, I can promise you one thing: special experiences for special people will be coming to life on this blog.

The same goes for the breakfasts served at Riviera on Vaal Hotel. At Matthews Restaurant, the breakfast team is up and running before six in the morning. In fact, by that time, the larger part of the buffet is already laid out. It is their mission to provide you, their special guest, with the best experience possible; even if it’s at 05:30 on a Monday morning. The buffet that is laid out resembles a little piece of heaven, I’d say. It’s not your normal continental display. ROV’s breakfast buffet layout has a feel of elegance, adding to the early morning shimmer of the Vaal River underneath its misty blanket. It’s a feast of freshly baked pastries, gourmet muffins and a wide spread of crackers, cheese and condiments. And that’s only the appetizer. You head to the pancake station, where the chef boasts her moves by flipping your pancake – teasing your taste buds just a little while longer. Heading back to your table, you note the wide selection of cold meats and you can’t help but wish you had a second belly and a little more time. With the aromas of freshly brewed coffee, you wouldn’t mind staying a while longer. The selections are endless: fresh fruits, dried fruits, fruit salads, nuts, yoghurts and many, many cereals. It’s only then you get to the good part: grilled sausages, bacon (the best I’ve ever tasted), sautéed tomato slices, mince, scrambled eggs, hash browns, sautéed mushrooms, waffles, and to top it all off: the beautiful, mysterious view of the Vaal River perfectly paired with a cup of Matthews Cappuccino. Talk about special experiences!


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